Can The Community & Police Fulfill The Dream Of King?

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Black on Black Crime Does Play a Role Towards The Divide Between the Community and Law Enforcement Agencies

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The question we are asking today is does “Black on Black Crime” have any influence on Police and Community relations?  The answer is “yes” from where we see things.  Not only will we show you how, but we will also make some innovative suggestions as to what can finally be done to put a dent in Black on Black Crime and make our communities a safer and better place for all citizens.  The problem has plagued the Black community for decades with no real solution in sight.  Unfortunately, Community, Business and Political leaders have no answer and have left matters up to ordinary citizens to develop a solution.  What we will propose has never been presented to the general public before, but we believe it gives us a real opportunity to save the next generation.  All too often we talk about the problem, but rarely come up with any solid solutions to address the issue.  It’s time to get creative and use the power within the Black community to build bridges with the Police and heal the wounds that continue to prevent the “Dream of Dr. King” from becoming a reality.


Last week in New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton announced that once again murders were down 0.9 percent from 2013 to 2014 to a total of 332.  That’s the lowest number since 1963, based on NYPD figures.  De Blasio said the decreases in both murders and stop-and-frisk encounters last year proved that “it was possible all along to create a safer city and a fairer city.”  Remember, it was the stop-and-frisk policies that escalated the divide between the community and law enforcement agencies in 2013.  De Blasio said the numbers were a cause for some celebration in the wake of the funerals for officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, who had been part of that success.  No matter how good the record-setting numbers are the question is could they have been even better if the community and police were not at odds and if we had a reduction of Black on Black Crime.  To solve crimes the police and the community need to be tight because Public Safety is a “Two Way Street.”  If you can solve 5 murders a month without community help, just think about what you could do with it.

In the Black community there is an unwritten code; “Snitches Get Stitches.”  That’s the law in the ‘hood.  It is not one that we totally agree with because ordinary law-abiding citizens should not be held to a code meant for those living a criminal lifestyle.  All the criminals we know work hard to keep their family away from crime because they know they are not built for street life.  Now let’s say the wife, children or parents get robbed, if you were a criminal would you want any of them to buy a gun on the corner and pursue street justice?  There is not that much a criminal can do if law-abiding family members want to report a crime to the police, especially if they are hiding their criminal life from the family.  Could they really hold the family member to a code for a lifestyle they don’t live or support?  There was a time when the “Criminal Code of Conduct” was no snitching, and don’t touch women and children, but apparently that has changed because gangsters are snitching all the time and there does not seem to be any real “Honor Amongst Thieves” anymore when it comes to respect for family.

When criminals don’t respect their own “Code of Conduct” how can they expect ordinary law-abiding citizens to show them any love or respect?  The same goes for the police—if they don’t abide by their own laws how will they ever earn the people’s trust?  You see there is a “Code for Criminals” and a different code for law-abiding citizens.  When criminals and citizens agree that their biggest enemy is the police, codes like “Snitches Get Stitches” gain support and credibility.  It is up to the Police to reverse this negative perception and win back the love and respect of the community.  When criminals know citizens are afraid to report a crime to the Police, it creates an environment for Black on Black Crime.  When Black criminals harm Black citizens for working with the Police the end results will again be Black on Black Crime.

SourceCommunityNYPD-DrugsPICThe only winners here are the criminals who get away and the “Prison Industrial Complex,” which profits from mass incarceration.  People feel there are Police out there who are in bed with the criminals and will give them up for doing the right thing because corrupt officers are known for protecting their “Partners in Crime.”  People seem to believe what they see in the movies and on TV and the Witness Protection Program is not trusted in the ‘hood.  When Black on Black Crime is not reported because of fear, retaliation and mistrust, it only further divides the Police and the community.  In addition, the misleading data will direct resources to the wrong area.  If we reduce Black on Black Crime there will be less hostility in the community, leading to more law-abiding citizens working with the Police to keep the community safe because no one wants to live in a crime-infested neighborhood.  Let’s take a look at what Black Children are facing each day in America.  The data creates a platform for Black on Black Crime further dividing the Community and Police:


Each Day in America for Black Children

v    1 Mother dies in Childbirth

v    1 Child is killed by abuse or neglect

v    1 Child or teen commits suicide

v    3 Children or teens are killed by guns

v    4 Children or teens die from accidents

v    19 Babies die from their first child birth

v    95 Children are arrested for violent crimes

v    95 Children are arrested for drug crimes

v    104 Babies are born without health insurance

v    199 Babies are born to teen mothers

v    211 Babies are born at low birth weight

v    310 Babies are born into extreme poverty.

v    336 Public school students are corporally punished*

v    384 Children are confirmed as abused or neglected

v    597 babies are born into poverty

v    763 high school students drop out*

v    1,153 babies are born to unmarried mothers

v    1,274 children are arrested

v    6,191 public school students are suspended*

*Based on 180 school days a year.  See Endnotes for citations—Children’s Defense Fund

SourceCommunityNYPD-KingKennedyMalcolmLincolnWith all of this mayhem going on in the lives of Black children let’s briefly look at some of the key elements behind the chaos.  We have race, poverty, unemployment, academic failure, substance abuse, mental illness, healthcare, HIV/AIDS, decaying family values, cultural enrichment, affordable housing, gun and gang violence.  Racism has to be on top of the list because as long as we have discriminating policies, which Dr. King fought and died to address, we can never solve any of the other issues that contribute to Black on Black Crime.  Since the assassinations of Dr. King and Malcolm X in the 60’s, two freedom fighters for Social Justice and Racial Equality, nothing that any of our Black and White Leaders tried to do has worked.  Is fear and intimidation at work here?  Did the lives of President Lincoln, President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Dr. King and Malcolm X end so violently because they stood tall against racism and the haters wanted to send a “Godfather” message?

SourceCommunityNYPD-KidsWithGunsIf you ask our youth if that strategy is working the answer would most likely be “yes” because apparently America refuses to have a real conversation on race.  Why is it that glorious leaders in Washington can have Congressional Hearings on Hip-Hop but not on race?  Next time you see your Congressman or Senator just ask and hit us back with their reply, which we will post to show respect for your civic and political efforts.  So let’s look at what we have here: to end Black on Black Crime, which would improve relations between the Police and Community, we need to have a conversation on race.  But no one wants to ride that bull because throughout history we kind of know what the end results will be for those spearheading that movement, especially with all the guns on the street today.  Even Pharaoh had to let the Children of Israel Go, so you can believe that the creator of this “God Fearing Nation” has a master plan to unify this great country to make us stronger than ever because “We are our Brother’s & Sister’s Keeper.”

At the end it’s going to be up to the youth to make a change and if you are looking at the media, change is on its way.  There will be some martyrs, but the people have to make sure that their deaths will not be in vain.  This includes officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, the two cops recently killed in NYC, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and others who have lost their lives but are not being reported on by the media.  To most of us in this country, ALL LIVES MATTER.  Never let the bad actions of a few, influence your respect for the many.

SourceCommunityNYPD-FightRacismBy working to put an end to racism, the elephant in the room no one wants to discuss, the road will finally be paved to end Black on Black Crime.  On the other hand, as long as the nation ducks the “Conversation on Race” suggested by President Obama, Black on Black Crime will continue to “Plague the ‘Hood.”  Stay tuned for Part 5 of 5 as we continue to show the role Black on Black Crime plays in the sour relationship between the Police and the Community, while we also offer some Groundbreaking Solutions for the next generation to follow that has the potential to truly combat the problem once and for all.  If we don’t work fast to address racism in America, Community and Police Relations and Black on Black Crime we will see riots and violence in the streets like never before compromising the safety, growth and development of the greatest country on earth.


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