Rapper Beanie Sigel returned home from the hospital with false TMZ report that one lung was removed

Dwight Grant, a.k.a. Beanie Sigel, left the hospital in Atlantic City nearly two weeks ago. Doctors were forced to remove one of Beanie Sigel’s lungs because it was severely damaged after he was shot last month, according to TMZ and several media outlets. He is currently receiving treatment at the Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona, NJ. The internal organ was filled with bullet fragments, according to the false TMZ report.

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State Property member Neef Buck, posted a photo on his Instagram seemingly showing Sigel wearing a blanket and being helped into a SUV.

Alhamdulillah !!!! Masha allah !!! MY BOY IS HOME !!!!




**********OFFICIAL UPDATE***********
False news reports from TMZ and others, inaccurately claiming Beanie Sigel had to have a lung removed have been set straight by State Property vet Freeway. He says he will continue to address these serious mistaken media stories, and asks that the public pray for his comrade during his recovery from the shooting.
Here’s the official Revolt interview with Freeway setting the record straight….

-Infinite Wiz (@infinitewiz)