With the NFL in the national spotlight for violence against women, the instances of violence continue.

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The NFL became the face of domestic violence against women in 2014 after several of their players were arrested for varying forms of abuse against women. The most widely publicized case was the Ray Rice incident, which thrusted the league into the national spotlight for their handling of the situation. In response, the NFL produced anti-domestic violence ads which aired during the games in an effort to quell the negative publicity. It seems that their efforts might be in vain as another story has surfaced out of Indianapolis.

According to a report from Huff Post, Colts second year linebacker Josh McNary has been arrested and charged with the rape of a 29-year-old woman. The details are still a bit scattered but police say the victim did not know the identity of her attacker but suspected McNary of the crime after investigating a cell phone the woman swiped from her attackers home. It is also said that she picked McNary out of a photo lineup.


In an odd twist of events, police alleged that McNary preserved evidence at his home in anticipation of a visit by the police. They also claim that when they arrived, the linebacker stated “I know why you’re here.”

The Colts have issued a formal statement:

“Unfortunately that’s the limit of our knowledge,” the team said. “At this time we are very concerned and trying to find out what the relevant facts are, but we have insufficient information to venture any opinion. As we learn more we will make appropriate updates.”

McNary is in his second year with the Colts after graduating from Army as their career leader in sacks. Prior to joining the NFL, he spent two years on active military duty in order to fulfill his commitment before joining the Colts in 2013. As it stands now, McNary still serves in the National Guard. The Colts are set to take on the New England Patriots in this Sundays AFC Championship game.