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Nate Rob can’t catch a break

It was only two seasons ago that Nate Robinson was playing his best ball in Chicago with the absence of Derrick Rose, and it looks like with the recent plague of injuries he still can’t catch a break. With the slew of trades going on as All-Star break nears and trade transactions dwindling down, the Celtics trade for Nate Robinson while giving away point guard Jameer Nelson. The Celtics wanted to unload the point guard who has a player option next season for the expiring contract of Nate Robinson.

Robinson, who just came back from a recent ACL injury, is currently averaging a career low of 5.8 points a game with Nuggets and can face a probable buyout of his contract with the Celtics. Teams that Nate Robinson is interested in possibly playing for are the Los Angeles Clippers and the Cleveland Cavaliers solely because of the absent backup point guard spot.


Would love to see him back in the Chi, but then again Aaron Brooks is there flourishing. Talk sports and everything in-between the lines with Drew on twitter @AndrewSomuah