Say it ain’t so, Chris

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Chris Brown spent much of last year in and out of both prison and court as he sorted out pending assault cases stemming from his incident with Rihanna, and a separate incident that occurred in Washington D.C. He was finally released in June of 2014, and went on to have a very successful second half of the year. He performed on several big stages, released a(nother) smash hit, “New Flame,” and his new album, X, debuted high on Billboard.

Unfortunately, 2015 doesn’t seem that it’s off to a favorable start. After an incident at a San Jose club over the weekend in which shots were fired during Chris’ performance–much like the August 2014 incident that left several people, one of them named Suge Knight, in the hospital–a judge has revoked the R&B singer’s probation, citing the fact that not only have two shootings during Chris Brown performances occurred in 5 months, but Brown didn’t get permission from the courts to travel to San Jose in the first place.


The probation officer is also worried that Brown isn’t focusing enough of his energies on completing his community service requirements–1,000 hours–and has recommended that CB head back to jail, despite the separate sentences he served last year. According to the probation officer, Chris has “shown a pattern of making choices that are counter-productive.”

Chris will have to appear in court on March 20 for a formal hearing. Should the judge rule that Chris Brown willfully violated his probation, he could be headed back to jail.