After dropping her alluring track “U Go I Go” a couple of weeks back, Abra from Awful Records releases her very first EP titled, BLQ Velvet. BLQ Velvet consists of 6 tracks that are versatile in sound and concept but cohesive as an entire project.  This EP not only showcases her vocal and production skills, but also serves as a secret window to the inside of her mind for the past year.  “I was really down and it was getting out of control. I knew if I could find something to aim for, I could pull myself out of the valley.”  The 90’s like production infused with simplistic electronic sound reflects a combination of elements that Abra gets her inspirations from.

BLQ Velvet was stemmed from a dark time in Abra’s life where she went through various struggles but managed to make it through.  This EP is like a breakthrough from the rough times she encountered prior to its release.   “I’ve always been a lover of fantasy and a bit of an escapist. I love when I listen to music that visions and teleports me.  Its like building a new world while consuming someone with sounds.  I want to be able to take someone away from this place to somewhere trippy for a little bit of time.”  BLQ Velvet is very relatable and has a array of sounds and melodies that will capture any music lovers attention.  Abra is planing on releasing a full length album later on in the year.

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