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With Valentine Day around the corner, the timing of this story couldn’t be more perfect.

A city couple said “I do” at a Brooklyn hospital, Thursday, where the groom is fighting for his life due to a vicious form of cancer.

Christopher Robinson, 25, and Terry Robinson, 23, according to the Daily News, met four years ago when they were both attending college in upstate New York. However, post graduation was very difficult for them. They weren’t able to find a job let alone housing. They even went from shelter to shelter in the city and upstate.  Life was truly hard indeed.



Gradually, their luck started to change. They eventually found jobs and were living in an apartment, still saving for the day they could fulfill their goals in obtaining a place of their own.

But sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

In 2013, Robinson was shot five times by a burglar. Miraculously, he survived. He underwent eight surgeries and spent several months in the hospital.  Fortunately, luck was on his side again, and he was able to leave the hospital as a brand new man.

But his good luck didn’t last for too long. To his dismay, he needed another operation to fix a hernia he developed.

Last summer, in August 2014, doctors prepared him for the surgery due to a growth on his kidney.

According to the Daily News, shortly after, Robinson was diagnosed  with a rare and deadly form of renal cancer —  it appeared to have already spread to his lungs.

The doctors gave Robinson only a few months to live.

Knowing that his time was limited, Robinson checked into MJHS Hospice, a hospital that is run by the Metropolitan Jewish Health System, determined to marry the woman he once fell in love with in college— despite his fragile body and reliance on an oxygen tank.

Moreover, everybody pitched in to help make Robinson’s dream come true. Just in 24 hours, the city clerk brought the licensing paperwork to him and the hospice staff  took charge of decorations, the cake and brought in a musician.

hospice18n-12-webThe next day—a day after the city gave him his license—Robinson put a ring on his sweetheart’s finger.

“She’s the love of my life, she’s my friend and my moon, my stars, my sky, she’s my everything,” Christopher Robinson said of his new bride.

Also, that day, Robinson did something amazingly sweet and unexpected.

“Christopher actually stood up from his wheelchair and that brought me to tears,” the bride said.

With or without the ring, Terry stayed by Christopher’s side for better and for worse and through sickness and in health. The newlyweds have a 2–year-old son together.

[ Photo Credit: MJHS]

– Sherley (@sherleybee_)