The Seahawks prevail in a thriller against the Packers.

In what prognosticators projected would be the more entertaining contest between the two Championship games, Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers will definitely go down in history was one of the greatest playoff games ever played. Down 19-14 with only few minutes on the clock, Seattle recovered an onside kick and proceeded to give the ball to beast mode running back Marshawn Lynch as he stomped down the field for an emphatic touchdown. In what can only be described as miraculous play, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson converted a Steve Young-esque 2-pt conversion by the skin of his teeth, thus giving them the 3 point lead.

The game was not over quite yet, as MVP contender Aaron Rodgers took the field and led the Pack to a game tying field goal kick, taking the game into overtime. With the new overtime rules in full effect, Seattle won the coin toss and had no choice but to score 6 or risk giving Rodgers another crack at it. The Packers never got the chance for a rebuttal as Wilson threw a perfect 35 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jermaine Kearse, sending Seattle to their second straight Super Bowl with a 28-22 victory.

Century Link Field erupted when Kearse arose with the ball in hand. Several players on the Seahawks team were overcome with emotion, especially Russell Wilson, who has faced tons of adversity throughout the past year, both on and off the field. In contrast, the agony of defeat could be heard in the voice of Packers head coach Mike McCarthy during the postgame interview.

Though it is devastating to lose such a meaningful close game, the entire Packers team have nothing to be ashamed of as they gave a very valiant effort. Another stat to consider is that now Wilson is the only African-American quarterback in history to lead a team to two Super Bowls.

An instant classic.

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