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Seahawks twitter jumps the shark.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was overcome with emotion after leading his team to victory in a thrilling NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers. Wilson had a QBR of 0.2 for the first 3 quarters, and threw a total of 4 interceptions during the game. Despite his lackluster play, he still mustered enough moxie to lead the team to a come from behind win. The tears flowed as he gathered for the postgame prayer circle as well as throughout his interviews with the media.

With Monday being the annual celebration of the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, someone in the Seahawks organization thought it was a good idea to tweet a photo of a crying Wilson, with an MLK quote printed alongside it. Above the photo read, “We shall overcome #MLKDay”. The tweet was quickly deleted and an apology was issued.


Though it was an amazing comeback by the Seahawks, in what may be one of the greatest playoff contests ever played, comparing a game to the legacy of MLK and his plight might come off as exploitive and in poor taste to some.

Rocko Rathon @Rocko_CNK