The long-anticipated third installment is coming soon

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5 years ago, New Orleans’ own Curren$y linked with the crafty, innovative Ski Beatz and released two LPs in a 5 month span: Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk 2. Those two albums, produced almost entirely by Ski, helped to cement Curren$y in the post-Young Money, post-Amalgam Digital leg of his career, and when placed next to the albums he released shortly after–Covert Coup (2011), Weekend At Burnie’s (2011), Stoned Immaculate (2012)–it’s clear that Spitta had one of the best 3-year stretches of any Hip-Hop artist at that time.

Since then, Curren$y has teased the release of Pilot Talk 3, but not without incident. In 2013, Curren$y sued rap mogul and Roc-A-Fella co-founder Damon Dash over whether or not Dash had the right to release PT and PT2 under his DD172 umbrella, emphasized by a–big surprise here–Funkmaster Flex rant in which Flex claimed Damon Dash wasn’t properly paying Curren$y for the work he did under the DD172 umbrella.


A year and some change later, following several teases of new Pilot Talk 3 music on his Instagram, we have one of the first tangible signs that the album is really coming soon. Curren$y states on his Twitter that the following is just a sample, but it’s definitely in vein with the abstract artworks of the first two installments.

Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 6.07.58 PM


Can’t wait. Watch our exclusive interview with Spitta backstage at our 2014 #SOURCE360 Concert, in which he reveals some of the features on his upcoming album.