It’s that time of year again, folks. The biggest streetwear tradeshow in the world is making it’s way across the country, and for the past two days brands such as Staple, JustHype and 10 Deep have been showcasing their upcoming collections for the next three seasons at Agenda NYC.

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“The best part of Agenda is once you come to a few of them you really get to know everyone, and [just] seeing what everyone is doing and the emerging brands,” said Allison Butula of Herschel Supply Co. We agree wholeheartedly. It was nice to hear someone shout out my name from one of the booths because they remembered me from last year’s Agenda, but it was even better to see what they had in store for the rest of the year. While Civil Clothing showed off hints of pink in their women’s line, brands like Half Wits kicked back with a brew and showcased their skateboard-friendly hoodies and jackets. With remixes of soulful, back-in-the-day tracks blaring out the speakers and Leica taking photos of guests in their graffiti-backdrop booth, the energy was nothing short of amazing.

Check out some exclusive photos below in The Source‘s Agenda slideshow, featuring unreleased products from FILA, Herschel and more!


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