Paula Patton may take the stand for estranged husband.

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In 2013, singer Robin Thicke had arguably one of the biggest years of his career with his chart topping hit “Blurred Lines”. The song took Thicke into another stratosphere of celebrity. The happiness proved to be short lived as his fortunes did a complete 180 in the following year. As the clock struck midnight heading to 2014, the singer was embroiled in a very public separation with his wife, actress Paula Patton, and was under fire from the family of soul legend Marvin Gaye, regarding improper crediting of samples.

Marvin Gaye’s estate alleges that Thicke lifted several melodies from the soul icon for his hit “Blurred Lines” and several other records. The legal battle has continued to drag on and appears to be headed toward trial. If so, Patton will be expected to testify in regards to the 2011 tune ‘Love After War’, which Marvin Gaye III feels is lifted from his father’s record “After The Dance”.


Patton has co-writing credits on the song and appears in the video. Since going through a very public and messy separation, testifying on behalf of her estranged husband seems to be fit for a daytime soap opera and something that will make the media salivate.

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