Chris Hemsworth and Naomi Watts appeared on stage in Macau, China to accept top honors in person in front of a live audience at the 15th Annual Huading Awards

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The Huading Awards are China’s premier awards show where the honorees are determined by fan votes, and the winners are recognized as the best from various genres of entertainment, including film, television, dance, theater and music. Chris Hemsworth took the stage in Macau to receive the Huading Award for Best Global Actor in Motion Pictures.



Naomi Watts graced the Huading Awards stage to be recognized as Best Global Actress in Motion Pictures.  The Oscar nominated actress has recently received widespread acclaim for her powerful portrayal in the film Birdman, and won over audiences with her recent role in St. Vincent starring alongside Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.

The Huading Awards were broadcast to 800 Million+ Chinese households.