Ever wonder what it took for some of your favorite stars to stand out and be successful?

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A lot of times they stood alone by not following trends, staying true to their inner core and most importantly just grinding.

Host of the Dr. Zoe Today Show, Dr. Zoe Shuster is a second generation born in America. Growing up in a Greek family, her heritage faced prejudices of their own by both Caucasians and African-Americans.


Seeing those barrier her entire life, a major passion of her’s has been to break down those walls. She has done so in her personal life and in her business endeavors, so it is only natural that it would show through into the show.

Shuster blogged a couple of years back:  Individualism is breaking through the fear of not being accepted in order to live your true, authentic life. Ask yourself, “Who am I REALLY?”, “What are my thoughts, beliefs, convictions and passions?”, “What would I say, what would I do, how would I live, if I wasn’t held back by others’ opinions?.”

In addition to her show, she’s also a Confidential Coach. Her clients have always shared with her their deepest, darkest secrets and has even helped a mega church leader through his divorce and to come out of the closet as a homosexual.

The good doctor is all about one love, breaking down cultures & creeds and believes we are all interconnected.  As a result, her Dr. Zoe Today show caters to a very broad audience. “Not only our listeners but our guests span all cultures, religions, races and sexual preferences,”Dr. Zoe tells The Source.

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