LeBron James Co-Producing as well. 


LBJ is set to co-produce a game show that will be holding casting interviews beginning next week in Akron and Cleveland for a prime-time game show made by LBJ’s production company. The game show will consist of enormous cash prizes for dynamic teams of two. People can sign up or also nominate other contestants by visiting dreamchancetv.com, which directs you to the site of Glassman Media.

James tells the Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd that the untitled program “gives people here an opportunity to live out a dream, things they only dream about, to make more money than they ever thought they could make in their lives.

It’s a life-changing experience if they get an opportunity to be selected, I thought starting here with the people I love here, means a lot to them.

Me being a part of the game show is all part of my team doing things that are outside the box, but also that’s fun for families and people of any age can gravitate to.”

The huge project began with Glassman, a 14-year-old company whose other credits include the reality shows Sweet Home Alabama, Average Joe and National Bingo Night. How dope is that? Let us know how you feel about this idea on our comments below.



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