“Song One” is a new film starring Johnny Flynn and Anne Hathaway.

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This movie follows Franny, played by Hathaway, as she copes with her brother’s coma. Upon finding his journal, she begins to go to all the places that Henry, her brother, went before. At the first concert she attends, she meets her brother’s favorite singer/songwriter James Forester (played by Flynn). The two begin to form a beautiful relationship, bonding through their love of music and broken pasts.

The movie, directed by Kate Barker-Froyland, has a similar feeling to it as the movie “Once”, another indie film with music guiding its core. Its simple dialogue, and stunningly haunting music leaves the audience with tears in their eyes. At times the dialogue is a bit too simple, making the viewers work more to put some pieces together. The acting falls into the simple category as well. Although Hathaway brings honesty and openness to her character, Flynn truly stole the movie.


The first thing that will capture the audience’s heart is his voice. Raw, but full of soul, Flynn’s voice fills the void that some of the dialogue leaves open. Not only does the movie showcase Flynn’s talent, but other artists of New York City as well. It felt as though the movie was a love note dedicated to the New York City music community. The more venues and artists that Franny and James encounter, the more the two open up to the possibility of love and life around them.

“Song One” is now playing.