Lupe Fiasco challenges Kid Cudi to a fair one.

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Former friends Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi are commonly known as one of the more peaceful and positive rappers in today’s current crop of talent, often speaking on society’s ills and personal issues in their music. That isn’t to say that the two are perfect, as they have had it out with other artists publicly for various reasons. Last year, the pair aimed their crosshairs at each other as they had a spat via Twitter which still has not been resolved. After the Chicago MC offered to write verses for fans at $500 a pop, Cudi questioned the ethics behind such a move, which led to some backlash for Lupe by Cudi supporters.

During an interview with Sway, which Lupe said will be his last interview, he spoke a multitude of topics from his struggle with Atlantic Records, violence in Chicago, Barack Obama and more. Around the 33 minute mark, as the interview was set to come to a close, Sway asked Lupe if he had buried the hatchet with Kid Cudi, to which he empathically responded “F**k him!” He went on to explain that he knew Cudi before his fame and then gave listeners a play by play of the event in question.


“I told my fans, ‘Yo, if you want a Lupe verse, I’ll write it for you for $500. It’ll be yours; you can’t put it on Twitter — it’s yours. Don’t leak the sh*t or do whatever; it’s yours.’ And Cudi went on Twitter and was like, ‘Yo, Lupe, what you gonna do with that money?’…I’m thinking he joking.”

“I said, ‘Yo, gimme this b*tch ass n*gga Cudi’s number, if I see him, I’m knockin’ him the f**k out,” Lupe continued. “‘Cause I wanna get to the bottom of what the f**k you talkin’ about. Because it’s me. The same n*gga you went in Complex and was like, one of the only n*ggas who reached out to me genuinely and had love for me was Lupe. But now I’m some f**kin’ thief? Now I can’t find you? Nobody knows where you are?….if I see this n*gga i’m going to snatch his motherf**kin teeth out”.

He ended the quip with a direct message, “Cudi, let’s settle this, talk to me, before I f**k you up.”

Yikes! It was all good just a week ago. Or maybe 6 months ago at least.@Rocko_CNK