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Lyrics are the bricks and mortar that make up the foundation of hip hop.  More so than any other genre, the words, their meaning, and the way they are put together by the artist who  speaks them into existence matters just as much, if not more than the other elements of sound within the song itself.  It is for this reason that The Source Magazine has partnered with lyrics mega power Genius (original founded as Rap Genius) to bring you a new series entitled, ‘Lyrics Of The Week’.

The concept is simple, each week we will highlight 5 different sets of lyrics from songs that were released during that week.  Nowadays what “released” means is an ever changing topic, often of debate.  For our purposes we will go with the idea that if a song/freestyle/verse etc exists, it is released; with the exception being songs from albums; for those we may count the release of the song as the day the album went on sale, not the day it leaked to the internet (usually 5-7 days prior).  To reiterate, this is not “Verse Of The Week, ” “Song Of The Week, ” “Message Of The Week,” or anything other than LYRICS OF THE WEEK.


That being said the parameters are broad, it is just as likely that a lyric’s intricacy or message is the cause for their selection,

I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death
― “N.Y. State of Mind” by Nas

as it is that their cultural impact.

And tell my niggas, Shmurda teamin’, ho Mitch caught a body about a week ago ― “Hot Nigga” by Bobby Shmurda

We’ll be using the annotation feature provided by Genius, the best part of which being, if you feel the explanation is lacking ..then add to it yourself.  Sign up for an account HERE

So without further ado, in an epic week that brought two AMAZING album release from important hip hop figures in Lupe Fiasco and Joey Bada$$, we bring you (in no particular order) Lyrics Of The Week for the week of January 23rd.

Lupe Fiasco “Mural” – First Verse (lyrics begin 3:02)

Whatever better to tell ya weather comin’
I prefer girls to reign all over the world

― “Mural” by Lupe Fiasco


And not rain like, rain man or rain like rain dance Or rain like a slight chance of rain when it’s raining ― “Mural” by Lupe Fiasco


Or rein like deer slaves to Santa Claus sleigh man ― “Mural” by Lupe Fiasco

But reign like Queens that reign over made man ― “Mural” by Lupe Fiasco

And not Queen like Queen killer, rhapsody bohemian Queen ― “Mural” by Lupe Fiasco

But Queen like white glove wave hand And not wave hand like it’s a heat wave So you make a fan by waving your hand I’m talking wave like you saying, “hey” Man, and not hay for horses ― “Mural” by Lupe Fiasco


And hoarse like you almost voiceless ― “Mural” by Lupe Fiasco

This entire song is utterly ridiculous lyrically.

Or are we more ― “Mural” by Lupe Fiasco

Joey Bada$$ “Like Me” 4th Verse (2:03)

Cause every time I make a move they be sweatin’ me They want another black man in penitentiary ― “Like Me” by Joey BADA$$

It’s even hard for that man standing next to me Cause he could catch a bullet that was really meant for me ― “Like Me” by Joey BADA$$


It’s like every step bring me close to destiny And every breath I get closer to the death of me ― “Like Me” by Joey BADA$$

I’m just tryna carry out my own legacy
But the place I call home ain’t lettin’ me

― “Like Me” by Joey BADA$$

Euro League “Violence” 2nd Verse (2:23)  *these lyrics come with a special treat, as the artist himself  gives an explanation in the Genius annotations.


When I was born , it was sworn , I was never gone be shit /
Crack baby born last year 1980’s mommy took a euro trip /
Never quite came back but she did deliver me to you /
Said that if I make it through all of the pain the human race will see the truth make me believe in you /
I won’t even be here to see you through now that’s pain , all I know

― “Violence” by Euro League



Lil Wayne “CoCo”  1st Bridge (1:40)



I’m sippin’ lean out a glass, nigga
― “CoCo” by Lil Wayne


All I got is Young Money, no more Cash, nigga
― “CoCo” by Lil Wayne



Chief Keef  “Ain’t Nothing” 1st Verse (1:05)


Hit that bank on that Lloyd shit, grown boy shit
― “Ain’t Nothing” by Chief Keef

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