Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the latest tunes and nightlife spots this year. Always enlisting the best taste makers and creatives all around, we look to provide you with the hottest tracks from all over via Hip Hop’s elite. This time around we enlisted the newest acquisition to the HEAVY ROTATION team (read in Kanye West‘ voice) DJ Meel. One of the head honchos of Cleveland when it comes to spinning the hottest records and conducting the liveliest dancefloors, we get a hometown mid-west feel.  We first got hip to him from the Eighty81 blog, packed with content and dope music. He continues to put us on game from blog site ItsTheGoodGuys with DJ Steph Floss, DJ’ing premiere events and now on The Source. Check out his contribution to our Heavy Rotation and what you’ll be listening to.

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Name || DJ Meel

Hometown || Cleveland Heights, OH


Proudest Moment In The Music Industry || I think the fact I haven’t been DJing for that long, I stay pretty busy and get booked for some of the events that [would be my proudest moment]. I just want to get better and DJ as many different events as I can.

dj meel, 8081, dj steph floss, cleveland, ohio, lebron james,

Classic Song || Crush On You (remix) x Lil’ Kim ft. Lil’ Cease

Favorite Nightlife Spot  || Uhhhhhh it’s a tie between Bloke and 4th in Toronto and STK in Miami. Just flat-out good energy at both of them.

Twitter || 8081Meel  Instagram || 8081Meel Website || ItsTheGoodGuys

Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaTot) & she’s currently blasting Meel’s playlist!