Jomor releases relentless, after a near death experience.

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Technically, he should’ve called it Resurrection.  After all, he did almost die, after breaking his back and being bed ridden for over a year.

Rapper Jomor Swift is undeniably cool.  He has a very intriguing and inspiring story, overcoming crazy odds, something hip-hop fans can connect to.  At first, he was a DJ, but his career ended prematurely after he suffered the life-changing injuries that caused him to be bedridden for a year.  Despite his difficulties, he was still in love with music; primarily, a soul/trap sound.  Since he couldn’t DJ anymore, he learned how to make beats and rap.

“Being relentless means never giving up, stand for something fall for nothing!” – @JomorSwift

His brother built him a studio in the backyard, which inspired him to produce this album, which he called Genesis, a tribute to starting over, and new beginnings, inspired by the first book in the Bible.

Check out his new record “Relentless,” below which will be followed up by his new project, Genesis, dropping this, Tuesday, January 27.

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Update:   His new album, Genesis, is now available.  Stream it below.

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