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Chicago’s very own Bandman Kevo is back at it again.

While bursting on the scene in 2013 with his hit single “Baller in Me,” “Fast life mixtape (2014)” and signing with Universal Records Kevo is rising straight to the top and has no plans on stopping. Kevo’s “aura of greatness” persona, prolific lyrical content and high-profile features quickly created a name and reputation for him.

The single is an introduction to Kevo’s new record label and his first signing.


With success at his fingertips Kevo teams up with SquadMoney and the two step out as a unit from under the Bandklan umbrella on their smash single “Wanted to”

“Wanted to” is a down-tempo song that gives off a mellow street vibe that simply explains why the pair do the things that they do, which is because they wanted to. Kevo reps his hometown by shooting his video throughout the neighborhoods in Chicago. On this song you’ll hear more of his melodic-rapping style and feel his nonchalant attitude. Outside of his verse the hook will definitely catch the ears of all that’s listening:

“Got some top from a thot ‘cus I wanted to/Open shop on yo block ‘cus I wanted to/Drop the top on the drop ‘cus I wanted to/ B##ch don’t ask me why/ I do what I wanna do,” Kevo says as he bops to his own beat [no pun intended].

Adding to the wordplay SquadMoney shows how metaphoric he can get by saying “My favorite gun got 60 clips/I’m drilling for a month of two/hit you from a block away/I scope you like a hunter do…” The dynamic duo tag team “wanted to” and makes it known that no explanation will be given on the things that they do.

This single sets the tone for other upcoming projects with SquadMoney, who will be featured on the upcoming single “Everything.” Get acquainted with the duo as they are rising and transitioning to become the best that ever did it.