No, really. We’re pretty sure Lil’ Wayne is sorry for the wait, again because after singles like Believe Me, Grindin‘, Krazy and Start A Fire we just knew we were in a for a crazy album. Weezy has went on to say that Birdman is at fault for the halt in the album being released and is now suing and wanting to bring the Barbie (Nicki Minaj) and Drake along with him. But let’s get to the mixtape, disses a dozen, punchlines by the pound and some tracks we could do without. 

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Why You Want To Listen: Carter V didn’t drop and we need something to hold us over. Mixtape Weezy is always fun.

He sounds his hungriest onSh!t


The Funniest Punch Line:

P*ssy always tight and warmer than a North Face.

Top Three Tracks:

Used To (Feat. Drake)

Hot N*gga


What We Could Do Without:

Drunk In Love (Feat. Christina Milian)

Replay Value:

Weekends & Tuesday.

Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaTot) & was waiting on a new Drake verse. Thank you.

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