Keeping up with Bruce Jenner’s journey may soon be as easy as turning on your TV; no trashy tabloids or speculation required.  

At this point, being on camera and criticized in the tabloids has become second nature to the famous Bruce Jenner.  Although his marriage with Kris Jenner has fallen to pieces, the father of both Kendall and Kylie won’t be able to escape the limelight so easily.

Reportedly, Mr. Jenner has considered releasing a docuseries about his life changes…and maybe some physical changes as well. The docuseries is described as “a very personal look from Bruce’s vantage point of the process of changing.” Bruce Jenner has gone from short cut to mini ponytail to long hair don’t care, but could this have been the first sign?

It has been rumored that he 65 year old has been making the transformation to a woman, and this series will confirm or deny those allegations. Nonetheless, having nailed the role of a reality TV star, it’s only appropriate that he shares his “journey”, as Kim Kardashian so simply put it, on television.


The release date for the docuseries has not be mentioned, but with E! as the potential outlet, there will be plenty of promotion when it’s time.