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That’s what  Jo’ Rodeo needs and he’s going to tell you how he’s going to get it. The Chi Town representer dropped his highly new single, Billy today. The track derives from his forthcoming “Rodeo vs. Rodie  mixtape which has already gotten plenty of airplay on Chicago’s Power 92.3 FM.

With its catchy lyrics and vivacious beat “Billy” is genuinely solid street anthem. In Billy, Jo’ Rodeo let’s his core audience know that he needs a billionaire dollars and keys them in on what he is going to spend it on, who will be with him and how he’s going to get it.


Billy is definitely song that’ll be on repeat from the cold winter of Chi-Raq through when it’s safe to come out and enjoy the nice sunny around Lake Michigan.

The ad libs and the addictive hook that compliments the beat, produced by Rio Mac, the tract flows perfectly.

One of the illest lines on the track??

When I get this billion dollars /I‘ma buy hella suits/ It’s time to get bigger money/Loro Piana boots” and “Pasta with shrimp and lobster/Eating with thugs and mobsters/Meeting’s we can’t discuss/could land yo’ a** in a locker


Check it out for yourself