Atlanta has been making noise for its own city and the Hip Hop culture overall for quite some time. But like any other diverse city, Atlanta brings a fusion of people from all over.  One of Atlanta’s innovators happens to be from all over as well which is one of the reasons it makes him so great. The well rounded curator of all things cool, Chilly-O has been making a name for himself in the arts, music and photography world. Always keeping his ears open to what’s next he gives us the upper hand on the music world and let’s us know what he’s blasting. Check out his contribution to our Heavy Rotation and what you’ll be listening to.

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Name || Chilly-O

Location|| Atlanta and I Love It; Born in Pittsburgh, PA lived in other cities including Manhattan, Los Angeles, Stamford, Baltimore, Virginia Beach.


What You Bring To The Culture || Freelance Designer, Photographer, Social Architect, BMXer, I stop hipsters from punching each other in face.

Classic Song || Ain’t No Fun x Snoop Doggy Dogg

Favorite Spot  || Sound Table on Edgewood Avenue… Why? Keepers of the Creative Culture when everybody else bailed out on Us.. The Creative Urbanities, The Greasers, The Loners, The Outcast, The Dancers, The Positives, The Skaters, The Style Cats, The Intellects, The Housers, The Fashion Heads, The Weerdos, The Visual Artists. Hoping Things will Grow in our Favor City Wide.


Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaTot) & currently blasting these new tunes!