Welcome to the 27 club, a place for disturbed, young geniuses to leave their mark.

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A  membership to the “27 club” demands talent with unlimited potential, but unfortunately, it also means being put to bed at the ripe age of 27, often due to lifestyles entrenched in drug and alcohol abuse, or violent ends, such as homicide or suicide. However, what made these minds need to escape themselves, was the very same depths from where a certain kind of genius lay; where melodies came from people like Amy Winehouse, or, Jimi Hendrix; and thought-provoking performances and lyrics were churned forth, from the likes of those such as  The Doors front man, Jim Morrison.

The “27 Club” is an exclusive circle demanding early success as a pre-requisite for the kind of destruction which is beautifully romanticized by news outlets and fans; a kind of innate genius is what all members of the media-created-club share when other highlighted members are mentioned, such as Heith Ledger, who played The Joker in The Dark Knight, or Nirvana’s leading frontman, Kurt Cobain.


But for those who still do not know who Jim Morrison or the Doors were, well its safe to say Jim was so right about the current state of music, that he helped build and guide it, when in 2001, Kanye West sampled The Doors “Five To One” for Jay-Z’s The Take Over. Not only would Morrison provide the backdrop for one of hip hop’s most glorified rap feuds, but he would also in the video below, predict electronica, dub step,  and all electronically driven sub-cultures brewing in the stomach of our time period’s history.

Watch and be freaked out.  Enjoy below.



– Hurtjohn



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