Exclusive: #TanquerayTrunkShow Recap

It may have been the coldest day of the year, but everyone was live and in effect for the festivities that took place this past weekend. The Tanqueray Trunk Show kicked off Saturday, January 31st, and as expected, it was the best event NYC has seen in 2015 thus far.

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Panelists Maxwell Osborne, Ronnie Fieg and Jason Geter gave key advice to rising entrepreneurs at The Garage during the afternoon, an event that went well into the evening. With the Tanqueray flowing and an abundance of guests ready to network, the daytime part of the show was time well spent- we even got a chance to create our own cocktails (FYI, chili-flavored Tanqueray with ginger isn’t the best combo, take it from me personally).

After we received our gifts from brands like Black Apple & KITH, attendees headed downtown to TAO and caught the performance of a lifetime by Golden Globe Award-winning rapper, Common. Tons of people mingled wall to wall in the dimly-lit eatery, celebrating the successful kickoff of the nationwide event.


During the festivities we were able to chat with Maxwell Osborne, Head Designer for brands Black Apple and Public School. Check out his interview below, as well as photos from the events courtesy of WireImage. And no worries if you missed the NYC Trunk Show- check to see if the next one will be in your area here!


The Source: What kind of kid were you in Public School?

Maxwell Osborne: I was kinda the good kid- I would get in trouble but some of the teachers really liked me. They would have to pull me to the side [sometimes] and tell me “Okay, you’re better than this.”

The Source: Do you feel any pressure to follow in the footsteps of brands like BBC, being that both of your styles appeal to the same culture?

Maxwell Osborne: Well we try to embody that same energy and that same youthful spirit- it’s like the uniform [for] the city kid. We’re wardrobing the younger-energy kid who just wants to get into fly shit without being overly fly and paying a lot of money for it.

The Source: Any collaborations in the works?

Maxwell Osborne: Yeah, we have one with Brand Jordan coming, and a couple of other surprises.

The Source: Any that you would like to see in their near future?

Maxwell Osborne: One with an airplane!

The Source: And what’s your best advice for someone who is trying to get into the industry and create their own brand?

Maxwell Osborne: Work hard. Stick to your point of view and work hard as hell.