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Mzundastood upstaged the great Katy Perry and now America’s got a new favorite underdog

Forget the hilarious snapshots of teenagers and middle-Americans who were excited to see Katy Perry–a super duper pop star–supporting and “up-and-coming” female rapper not named Nicki Minaj “for a change”. If you’re reading this, chances are, you know that Missy Elliott is a legend. Six platinum albums, one of which was certified 2x platinum. 5 Grammys. 30 million records sold. More Top 10 hits than you have fingers to count. Last night was a surprise to some, but a reminder to many, that Missy was–and still is–a different breed, and a breed that the music world isn’t just ready to rid the airwaves of.


Since her performance, which you can watch in its entirety above, Huffington Post reports that Missy’s Spotify streams have seen a 676% increase, compared to just 85% in Katy Perry’s case. And they aren’t just listening. The three records Missy performed last night, “Work,” “Get Your Freak On,” and Ciara’s “Lose Control,” all landed in the iTunes Top 10 at some point by  Monday morning. Missy, understandably, is overwhelmed by the reception she’s received.


To make matters awesome-r, Miss Info is reporting that Missy Elliott has two “incredible” verses on Skrillex and Diplo’s upcoming remix for “Take U There”. July 4th makes a decade since the release of Missy’s last album, The Cookbook. Could we be in for a comeback 10 years in the making in 2015? Find out next time, on The Source.