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“Do you believe in the future?  That place of complete ecstasy, where worlds thrive off of ideas bred by minds who dared to dream,” asked architect and TED guest speaker, Daniel Libeskind.

In this inspirational TED Talk, titled “17 words of Architectural Inspiration,” Daniel Libeskind shares the parallel between emotion, the unexpected, and the value of dreaming for the future.


 You can be a general, a politician, an economist who is depressed, a musician in a minor key, a painter in dark colors. But architecture is that complete ecstasy that the future can be better. And it is that belief that I think drives society.

Expression is what gives meaning, expression of our own selves, and our cultures; implanted into all forms of art sent into the abyss of the world for others to share and relate. The futurist is the believer, who conserves his emotions and mind, confronting them directly, in order to see where the future is going, not only for himself, but for humanity as well.

We can learn a lot from Libeskind’s approach, in its willingness to appraise the values of continuing growth, assess for flaws, and address the hollowness of ready-made things.  Then there’s one of the vital principals–creating with minimal means, which to me, sounds like something we call hip hop, where the oppressed use their voice to uplift the culture.

We, as society, are all dealing with the backlashes that result from the struggle of emotions, and their continual development from within; while we continue to battle collective emotions exteriorly in our societies and their cultures.  Our stories and dreams can reach into untapped waters; opinions, and possibilities buried underneath, which eventually become part of our world and make our worlds vibrant.  Like a building that once was just an idea turned into a conversation, to then a gradual process to the top, we at The Source believe this talk is for anybody with a dream.

We’re rooting for you.