For those DJs attempting to shoot for the top DJ-producer spot of all time, I apologize to inform you that you need to keep trying harder. Arguably one of the most diverse DJs, Nu-Mark continues to push his DJing skills while showing off the depth of his hard drives by releasing 34 minutes and 11 seconds of Pharcyde and Jurassic 5 rare cuts. The Jurassic 5 DJ recently worked with Pharcyde’s Slimkid3 on an eponymous project and felt that it was only right to represent the two groups that they were from on one continuous mix. He dug into the vaults and found that a lot of unreleased material came together as a Hip-Hop head’s top item on his Amazon wishlist. If kids still made mixtapes these days, this would be hitting the streets at school tomorrow morning for sure.

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You can listen to the mix below and check out the European tour dates for DJ Nu-Mark and Slimkid3. We also included a video from their last project.

Here is a quote from Nu-Mark on the mix:


Seeing that I just completed the Slimkid3 & Nu-Mark collaboration, I thought it was appropriate to assemble a mix that highlights both Jurassic 5 and Pharcyde at their best. I dug deep in the vaults and uncovered some never before heard multi tracks, unreleased songs and acapellas from old tapes that needed to see the light of day. This is how I’d like to see all 8 MCs from both groups trade the mic.

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Feb 02 The Dutchess — York, UK
Feb 04 The Duke Of Cumberland — Whitstable, UK
Feb 05 The Hi Fi Club — Leeds, UK
Feb 06 24 Kitchen Street — Liverpool, UK
Feb 07 The Custard Factory — Birmingham, UK
Feb 08 Ramsgate Music Hall — Ramsgate, UK
Feb 09 Karlstorbahnhof — Heidelberg, Germany
Feb 12 Stereolux — Nantes, France
Feb 13 Ninkasi Kafe — Lyon, France
Feb 14 Cassiopeia — Berlin, Germany


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