This edition of Hood Health 101 gives you ways to lighten your mood during the winter months

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Feeling a little sluggish, uninspired, irritable or kinda blah? Well, you may be experiencing the winter blues. For some people, as the colder temperatures hit and the daylight hours decrease, they can experience mood swings, irritability, less energy, and even mild depression. The winter blues can be difficult to deal with,  but here are some tips to help you beat the blues:


Mood Music

Listen to your favorite upbeat or uplifting music. Research studies performed by the University of Missouri shows that music can improve people’s moods and increase their overall happiness within couple of weeks. Music therapy itself through time has been used to heal the body, and improve a person’s mood and energy levels.


Exercise is a great stress reliever that will also help to increase your energy levels throughout the day as well. Sometimes the winter blues has us eating more and motivated to move less which encourages weight gain. This is a healthy alternative to kill two birds with one stone.

Get That D

Even though there are less hours of sunlight, getting out there in the sunlight we do have will help you feel better. If the frigid temperatures are too much to deal with, simply sit by a window or allow as much light as you can into your home through your windows. If more light is needed, you can also purchase full spectrum light bulbs, which mimic natural light and use them throughout your home.

Pay It Forward

Take the time to help others. Most people feel significantly better after performing a selfless or considerate act. I’m sure you can see the win, win with this particular option.

Eat To Live

Foods have the ability to greatly affect our moods as well. I am sure you have experienced your body’s lethargic response to a great deal of fatty, sugary, and calorie dense foods. Being aware of what you eat and choosing healthier options will also assist and not contribute to the sluggish low energy winter blues.

Winter blues can be some serious business for many of you. If you find that you are experiencing a mild or more severe form of depression, please contact you primary health care provider. Seasonal Affective Disorder for some individuals may be severe enough to consider if medication is the right option for you.

-Nakeasha Johnson (@NakeashaJ)