Kid Ink, the rapper that can read your body language released his highly anticipated third studio album, Full Speed. 

Usher, Tinashe, R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Migos, Trey Songz, and Young Thug all collaborated with the Kid on this record.

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Kid Ink has helped out with a lot of records.  As per Songza Daily let’s take a look at the tracks Kid Ink helped out with this past year that you might not have noticed:

“Delirious (Boneless)”

Steve Aoki’s dance floor hit was originally an instrumental track titled “Boneless,” but then he recruited Kid Ink to drop dope verses all over his electronic beats. With the Kid on board, the song turned into a turn-up anthem. Plus, his heavily inked hands and face look pretty sick in front of Aoki’s trippy net art music video.

“Worth It”

Who woulda guessed that a tatted up rapper would be featured on a sugary sweet girl group track like Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It”? (Not us.) After appearing in a ~saxy~ girl power anthem, Kid Ink proved that his flow sounds good across all kinds of genres. Come on and show him you’re wid it! Don’t act shy.

“Red Cup”

Bay Area rapper E-40 recruited T-Pain, B.o.B., and our boy Kid Ink for this booty-filled track about balancing a red cup on someone’s butt. This video is on the verge of being NSFW, so watch with caution and beware of the derriere (because there’s a LOT of it). Despite featuring Top 40 vets T-Pain and B.o.B., “Red Cup” didn’t get much traction, but it’s good to know that when it comes to booties, those dudes don’t discriminate.

“The Man”

In 2013, Aloe Blacc got his big break when Avicii recruited him for the inescapable track, “Wake Me Up!” As a result, Blacc’s album Lift Your Spirits got some much-deserved recognition, and inspired Kid Ink to add a lil’ edge to “The Man” with a remix of the smooth R&B track. (Fun fact: “The Man” features a hook that riffs off of Elton John’s line “You can tell everybody” from “Your Song.”)