Imagine being shot.

OK. You imagined it.

If you think that’s bad,  imagine being shot in the comfortability of your own home while your brother has also been shot while your mother is observing the whole darn thing.

Meet Bulletproof Belv. Well, actually, you met him a couple of weeks ago when he debuted his My Operation track…CLICK HERE TO CATCH UP

Anyway, Belv was shot in the forearm and his brother was shot in the hip during the ordeal. You can check out the story in the news HERE.

See photos in the slideshow below.

After being shot and surviving, he realized that he had a bigger purpose in life and that it was his responsibility to live, not die and to spread a message.

Hence the name Bulletproof Belv!

“My mother started to pray as the ambulance was called,” Bulletproof Belv told The Source by phone. “That day I knew I was given another chance at life for something better.”

Many people digitally know him for his My Operation track and about being shot, but many people don’t know his story before then. Realizing that, the lyricist reaquainted his fan base by sharing his story through music and re-released his Bulletproof mixtape, which he started writing the day after he was released from the hospital from gunshot wounds.


“Lately I wake up and see a huge growth in my music fan base,” said Bulletproof Belv “And I thank God for giving me this opportunity to share my story with them through my music.”

As Belv has begun to maintain a buzz, he gives a huge amount of praise to a friend by the name of Fetty Wap who put the state of New Jersey in the spotlight which in turn gave Belv the opportunity to both grind and shine. I give a big salute to the homie FettyWap for putting New Jersey back in the spotlight and giving me the opportunity to share a small portion of that spotlight. “I always dreamed of Funk Flex dropping a bomb on my records,” said Belv.

“And as crazy as it sounds,I think [my track]  Krazy featuring Fetty Wap is ready for it.”

Stay tuned!