Just when you think he’s run out of ideas, sports journalist Eric Woodyard wows ya again!

Woodyard, the Flint Journal ‘s go to guy for everything Flint, Michigan and sports related released his first book, titled “Wasted.” The book highlights Cam Anderson, an all out grinder at work, but a completely different person at night. Anderson is the self-proclaimed “Turn Up King,” because he parties hard and enjoys the ladies a bit too much. After a chain of events leads to a crossroads, Anderson must decide whether  he will waste his life or get serious with it.

This is the second independent project from the sports writer. Just last fall, his “Flint Made Me” documentary film released digitally. The film depicts his high school years figuring things out while beginning the college journey in pursuit of his dream of being a sports writer.

Penning his first book a year later only furthers the Flint, Michigan native’s versatility. “It’s a natural transition,” said Woodyard. “I don’t view myself as just a journalist, although I earned my degree in Journalism. I’m also talented at telling stories and in fact that’s what makes me stand out as a journalist is my story telling so I just applied that to actually creating a project that was totally different from my day-to-day work with reporting about sports.”

Wasted is available on Amazon.com, Createspace, and Kindle.