The tri-states area’s three biggest rap groups of this generation might be uniting for a mega tour this summer.

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If you ask Styles P, the past beef between The Lox and G-Unit wasn’t as heated as some may have assumed it was. The Ghost referred to the Yonkers-based group’s beef with 50 and his crew as “lyrical sparring.”

Styles shed light on how beef between artists is currently handled in current rap scene. He believes that artists today “aren’t really realistic” or are too buddy-buddy with one another to go at each other on record.


When asked about his on-air conversation with 50 Cent years ago, he had positive things to say about both G-Unit and Dipset.

“[He] seemed kinda cool. Then we went to do that [show]—It was us, Dipset. [50 Cent] did a thing at Governors Island. He did a show at Governors Island. We came out. Dipset came out. It wasn’t like heated beef though. Lyrical sparring. That’s it…I think Hip Hop is meant to be competitive. You’re meant to be competitive. We’re competitive to a point where when me, Sheek, and Kiss is in the studio we’re working together, but we’re competitive. You know what I’m saying? It’s not like yeah, I want Sheek or Kiss to have the best verse.”

Styles P also updated us on the possible The Lox, G-Unit, and Dipset tour, 

“I think it’s an idea that they’re trying to work on. But I don’t know. But it’s a grand fuckin’ idea, if you ask me.”

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