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Drake keeps the party going

By  now, you’re talking about Aubrey Drake Graham for one of a few reasons. Because of his short film, Jungle, which came out yesterday. Because of his EP album thing to put on iTunes to help expedite meeting his 5-album Cash Money contract mixtape, If You’re Reading This You’re Too Late, which was randomly released through iTunes last night. Or because its 2015.


Well, here’s another reason. Today, a new trailer for an upcoming film on Drake’s 2009 concert at The Sound Academy in Toronto–which was billed his “homecoming show”–has surfaced, and it provides a pretty unique angle on Drizzy’s come-up. He was the underdog at the time. A new breed of rapper trying to make emotions and having feelings for strippers cool in a time when guys like Rick Ross, Jay Z, Young Jeezy and T.I. ran radio. In fact, the man who signed Drake, Lil Wayne, once went up to Jas Prince and told him that Drake’s music “sucked” and that he “didn’t want to hear that sh*t anymore.”

Check out the trailer above, and get ready for more details on Homecoming.