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Presidents. Maybe they’re just like us after all.

In a two minute clip titled “Things Everybody does but Doesn’t Talk About”, President Obama, has proved to Americans he is just like us.


The commander-in-chief not only says “Yolo” (“you only live once”) but he also uses a “selfie stick,” struggling to find just the perfect angle so he can take pictures of himself. Sound familiar?

And like you, the president also struggles to pronounce February.

We see other scenes of Obama making silly faces, wearing aviator sunglasses and making a finger gun. He then attempted to dunk his cookie in a milk glass, unfortunately, the cookie was larger than the rim of the glass. Whoops!

Sarcastically he says,
“Thanks Obama.”

This two minute clip was only for BuzzFeed to help promote the president’s administration’s health care act.

“In many cases, you can get health insurance for less than $100 a month,” Obama said in the clip. “Just go to to figure out how to sign up.”

Because younger Americans seemed to be less influenced by traditional forms of media, the White House strategically uses viral marketing to reach them. Prior to this video, the president made an appearance last year on the Funny or Die web series, “Between Two Ferns” also urging Americans to sign up for the Obama Care.


Sherley thinks this video is awesome. Way to go Mr. President. Follow her on twitter @sherleybee_


  • Alice Pattinson says:

    These just shows that President Obama also do what normal people like us does taking selfie using a Selfie Stick Pro. 🙂

  • B Simmons says:

    Obama, your mirror is dirty….. This bothers me

  • mike says:

    i think that there could be better things for the president to do. But hey since he’s black you guys wouldn’t care if he signed over the country to nazi germany right? So long as he is one of the homies