While promoting their new film “The Cobbler” Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi reflected on SNL’s 40th Anniversary. 

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Tom McCarthy: When was the last time you were wearing shoes?


Adam Sandler: Well I’m wearing shoes to the Saturday Night Live thing tomorrow. I bought a tux. No I rented a tux. No! They gave me a tux. I don’t know, one of those things.

Tom McCarthy: Did they give you shoes?

Adam: Yea they gave me shoes too. That was the first thing I asked because I don’t have good shoes.


Could you all comment on the legacy of the show and what it’s meant to you as fans?

Ellen Barkin: I was the waitress at the parties.

Adam: Oh yeah?

Ellen: They were there for a year rehearsing.

Adam: Wait where?

Ellen: At this café called The Locale.

Adam: In the village?

Tom: You were a waitress?

Ellen: Yeah, we all hung out. I have the first year shirt in my house.

Adam: Wow with Akroid and Belushi and the whole lot.

Ellen: Yep.

Adam: Well I guess it’s that when we were all kids it’s what we all talked about. What was funny on the show, what they were doing, the Bees, Mr. Bill, everything the show was about. It was cool enough that your parents weren’t sure if you could watch it and you had to stay up late for it so that was a big deal. And just over the years, it’s there for you, it’s comforting. It’s exciting every time you know it’s happening live and it’s just an amazing thing forty years worth of meaning something. Everyone talks about it whether it was good or bad; even if a show falls flat, it’s still exciting to see it and it’s awesome to see it.

Steve Buscemi: I got to host twice and I still can’t believe that I hosted at all. It’s one of the most amazing and fun and scariest things you could think of. But before I got to host I got lucky because Adam and I had made a movie Airheads and I got invited to do a sketch- the first sketch I was ever in and John Travolta was hosting and they did a Welcome Back Carter episode as directed by Quentin Tarantino. So I had to come in at the very end on the heels of Lenny and Swiggy. And I remember in rehersals I came in and I had one line and I blew it. I blew the line. I came in late, I blew the line. Spade, he gave me the shit for it. And I was like, “I can’t believe. How am I going to do this? I was going to host and how am I going to host if I blew the line?” Everyone around there, they carried it through and tomorrow night is going to be an incredible thing.

Adam: And the best part would be Ellen bringing us all the drinks.

“The Cobbler” hits theaters on March 13, 2015.