Five teens exact their revenge on California grocery store.

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Las week, five teenagers, four girls and one boy ran into a local Marysville, California grocery store and began destroying the items on the shelf. At approximately 1:40pm, the group of teens can be seen on security footage, running into the store, shouting while emptying out food items into the aisles, damaging other items, also dumping a bottle of cooking oil which caused a 64-year-old Air Force veteran to slip and fall, suffering a potentially broken elbow.

According to one of the shoppers, the teenagers then proceeded to open a bottle of alcohol and began drinking it in the middle of the aisle. One of the store employees attempted to intervene and was allegedly punched in the face. Furthermore, two of the officers who arrived on the scene were also injured after one of the teens resisted arrest. All five teenagers were arrested and booked at a juvenile detention center on various charges including felony vandalism.


It is being reported that the group caused several thousands of dollars worth of damages to the store. Investigators believe that the vandalism was an act of revenge after three of the teens were arrested for shoplifting at the same grocery store a few days prior.