The former rapper known as Vanilla Ice was arrested in Florida today for burglary.  

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Ex rapper turned reality star Vanilla Ice can now ad jailbird to his resume, after being arrested today.  He was charged with burglary and grand theft for allegedly trying to steal furniture, a pool heater, bicycles, and a variety of other things from a vacant home in Florida.

Robert Van Winkle, 47, is facing charges for a theft dating to sometime between December 2014 and present day, according to Lantana Police. According to police, it occurred at a home in the 100 block of N. Atlantic Drive. The home in question was in the process of foreclosure, and Van Winkle was renovating a house next to the property.


It appears the owner (rightfully) was not okay with someone trying to take his or her belongings, even though the house was vacant. The police have since gotten a search warrant, and recovered some of the items at a residence under the care and control of Van Winkle.

It seems like this is just another case of rappers doing dumb sh*t. What do you think other than “Why does everything crazy happen in Florida?”