August Getty has moved into high gear very quickly.

A young designer, he’s developed into a very cohesive designer, one with a classic singular vision. The looks are less about tossing around several concepts and more about having a laser focus on a single aesthetic. For a lot of young designers, it’s either this or have intense creative freedom but a more varied collection. For August Getty Fall winter 2015, that aesthetic was leather. He kept the whips and chains to a minimum, and instead focused on the material and its many potential applications. For most of the looks, everything was leather – coats, dresses, shirts, shoes. Dark and sleek, it was all about this leather woman. August didn’t limit his creative freedom here, as evident by his skirt-front/pant-back concept, which is so new in its dimensions, it was a little hard to digest. But the dimensions really work in Getty’s favor. It’s a thin elegance. Occasionally the shear amount of leather is a little overwhelming and becomes plastic in its nature. Maybe that’s better than being too “cyber spy”, which, thankfully, the looks don’t veer into this territory. If anything, they veer into sexy office assistant, with little triangular cutouts giving not cleavage, but a peek at the top of the booty. It was unexpected again, a concept tried in the context of a time-tested aesthetic. Shoes were provided by Guiseppe Zanotti, towering heels that contribute to that office ye-ye girl look. August Getty gave a really well rounded and professional show, showing great strides in a short period. In attendance of the evening show was Whoopi Goldberg and Norman Reedus, of Walking Dead fame. MAC Cosmetics did the make up for the show.

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-Benjamin Schmidt