The edition of Hood Health 101 talks about the art of forgiveness.

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The art of forgiveness can be a pretty tricky science as you may know. Often times, we muddle through situations bitter, vengeful, trying to forget what happened, or attempting to actively practice forgiveness. No matter the coping mechanisms that we choose to deal with the transgressions of others, healing cannot take place when a person’s steeped in negative thinking or emotions. It is said that the path of atonement may not come as easily or as quickly as we like which is why we should mind how we treat others.



The Golden Rule

It is always a safe bet to treat individuals in a manner that you want to be treated. Doing so requires that we put aside our egos, selfishness, and lack of consideration for others thoughts and feelings. It also requires that we possess consideration, compassion, care, and general concern for others and their overall well-being. I know that this seems like such an easy or common sense thing to do but that is not always the case.

Admit Your Mistakes

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to admit when we are wrong. Until we can be honest with ourselves and the other person, the healing process cannot begin. It is one thing to apologize for something, but another to acknowledge your actions, how they were wrong, and in addition to apologizing, seeing what can be done to make amends.

Understand Everyone’s Position

Any situation that creates an imbalance will be difficult for someone to forgive, but difficult is not to say impossible. If anyone is worse off financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically from a situation that was created then anger and frustration are very likely to rear their heads. Lack of equilibrium is what is needed to reduce the impact situations create. Meaning no matter the situation or transgression, it is easier to handle and deal with when huge disparities between the parties involved does not exist.

Be Humble Not Desperate

We all make mistakes at some point in time or another. Being humble and asking for forgiveness should be a given although being forgiven is not. There are no guarantees when forgiveness is warranted that it will be given easily. That being said, we cannot make others forgive nor should we be desperate to be forgiven. When mistakes are made, we have to accept the fact that sometimes it completely and permanently alters the nature of relationship of those involved.

Karma is the energy of actions of both past and present creating the momentum for that energy as it cycles back into your life. In other words, what you put out is what you get back. So be mindful of how you think, speak, and act because anything you do can alter a bond forever.

-Nakeasha Johnson (@NakeashaJ)