Lincoln University students virally react to an act of vandalism of the front gate entrance with the racial slur “N*gg@r” painted in orange spray paint

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In response to recent racial vandalism, Lincoln university students are taking to social media with the hash-tag #BreakTheInternetLincoln, to show the true spirit of Lincoln’s current student body and alumni. There have been no leads as to who is responsible for the racial graffiti, and when asked Lincoln University has given no official statements in regards to the incident. The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania is the first black degree granting institution in this nation. The predominately Black university is residing in Oxford, Pennsylvania a rural and predominately Caucasian town since 1854.

Lately there have been several universities experiencing racial tension. In November of last year, at University of Connecticut, members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (a traditionally black sorority) were called “Fat Black B*t@hes” and “Whores” by members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. In October of last year, at the University of Massachusetts, dormitory doors were defaced with the phrase “Kill These N*gg@rs!!”.


Is there a fascination with racism? We have advanced as a society and made constant attempts to bridge the gap between different cultures. What needs to be done to move past these ugly gestures?

Let’s not allow the cowardly acts of others distract us from our commitment to maintaining this legacy or cause us to act in a manner that is inconsistent with our greatness.”
– Valerie I. Harrison, Lincoln University’s acting president

Lincoln University in particular has contributed to society through the arts, politics, and education. Pioneers such as Thurgood Marshall, Langston Hughes, Kwame Nkrumah, and Gil Scott Heron are products of Lincoln University. Even now, recent Lincoln alumni are successful in various fields such as, media/entertainment, sciences, medicine, literature, and government.

Although Lincoln University was hit with this racial attack more recently, it goes to show that as a society there is still more educating to do and more loose ends to tie for forward progress.

-Jakiera M. White