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The first of two high-profile Hot 97 interviews

Chris Brown and Tyga are two of the most talked about Hip-Hop artists right now, and only a portion of the chatter is due to their new album, Fan Of A Fan: The Album, which is due out on Tuesday. The other portion(s), are due to the hit-making duos many run-ins with paparazzi, fellow artists, the Twitter world, and their (alleged) women. On Monday, an interview that has already been taped, that features both Chris and Tyga engaging in a lengthy conversation with Ebro and Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97, will be released to the internet, but as a precursor, the station has revealed an informal interview the two stars did with one of Hot’s brightest new personalities, Ness Nitty.


The crafters of “AYO” talk about everything, from the biggest obstacles Chris Brown faces on his daily journey to a monogamous lifestyle, to Tyga’s issues with Drake and how it affects his relationsihp with CB. At one point, Chris Brown begins mocking Drake, which comes off as quite awkward, considering the two stars reportedly made up last summer, made a record that they were supposed to debut at Drake’s OVO Fest, and they even appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit together.

Watch the interview above, in which both Chris Brown and Tyga touch on a myriad of other topics, including the album they’ll release on Tuesday.