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Oscar voter opens up about ballot.

With the 87th annual Academy Awards being held tonight in Hollywood, CA, some were upset at the fact that the civil rights film Selma was snubbed in several key categories. Many fans have attributed it to an underlying racism within the academy. Accusations of racism can be chalked up as conjecture but recently, an Oscar voter who opted to remain anonymous did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter explaining the logic behind her choices and gave a very candid opinion on Selma and its cast.

The voter, who has only been described as female, stated that she felt Selma was a well-crafted flick, but lacked artistry. A very fair assumption that everyone is entitled to being that all art is subjective.

What no one wants to say out loud is that Selma is a well-crafted movie, but there’s no art to it. If the movie had been directed by a 60-year-old white male, I don’t think that people would have been carrying on about it to the level that they were. And as far as the accusations about the Academy being racist? Yes, most members are white males, but they are not the cast of Deliverance — they had to get into the Academy to begin with, so they’re not cretinous, snaggletoothed hillbillies.

Though being a “snaggletoothed hillbilly” is a not prerequisite to being a racist, the more glaring sentiment came when she gave her thoughts on the “I Can’t Breathe” photo the cast of took during their New York City premiere.


When a movie about Black people is good, members vote for it. But if the movie isn’t that good, am I supposed to vote for it just because it has Black people in it? I’ve got to tell you, having the cast show up in T-shirts saying “I can’t breathe” [at their New York premiere] — I thought that stuff was offensive. Did they want to be known for making the best movie of the year or for stirring up sh*t?

As the old adage goes, opinions are like…@Rocko_CNK