Adrian Martinez stars in “Focus” out this Friday. 

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Read what he had to say about working on the film below:


Can you please talk about Farhad and what intrigued you about this character when you were offered the role?

Adrian:            Well, I tell you it really came down to the script, because it’s one of those scripts that you just don’t see where it’s going to go. There’s so many films that are formulated and you’re like oh, I totally know what’s going to happen here, but then you read the script and like, no, wrong. Then you go in another direction and another direction. So I was really psyched to be able to take part in a movie that is continually full surprises.

Are there any similarities between you in real life and Farhad?

Adrian:            Farhad and I have one thing in common and that is our love for beautiful women and our love for Buenos Aries and also the fact that he’s very faithful to his spiritual brother, which in this case is Nicky, played by Will Smith, and I’m very faithful to the people in my life. I will live or die for the people in my life that I love and who matter to me. A fierce sense of loyalty, I would say, is what we most have in common.

What did you learn about con artists in process?

Adrian:            That it’s all about being authentic and I know that’s ironic, but really the greatest con the one that you can sell by really being genuine about it and really coming from an emotional true place. That’s how you sell a con. The more real and truthful you are in a lie, the better you sell it.

You also just spoke about your character’s relationship with Nicky. You play a very skillful guy, but he’s a con artist. Is it just for fun or would you say it’s because of his friendship with Nicky?

Adrian:            I think there’s no doubt that Farhad enjoys what he does for a living and he loves the high of getting over on people and being able to make lots of money through deception. I also think that he’s definitely driven by his love for Nicky and the fact that he sees him as a brother and the fact that he’s totally committed to him is huge. Plus, without getting into details, he knows what’s going on, what has gone on in Nicky’s family, and I think he’s definitely connected to him for that, too.

What was your idea of portraying your character? In the first shot he looks greasy, but in Argentina he gets quite fashionable, do you agree?

Adrian:            I would say no. I think he is who he is. I think he may have dressed up a bit, but spiritually he’s the same guy. The cloths or whatever, however better he looked is just part of the con, it isn’t him transcending into a metrosexual persona. I just think it’s all part of the con and whatever works, works.

What did you like about Will Smith and working with him?

Adrian:            Will Smith is sunlight. I just headed out of a press conference, he has a personality and truth to him that you just can’t deny. What I really liked about him was how he lives in gratitude and the fact that I can’t help but appreciate where you are in your life being around him. For myself, it’s been a difficult long journey to become a working actor and working with him is definitely one of the highlights.

Jess and Farhad were buddies in the movie, was that an honest friendship from your character’s side or was it for your friend Nicky?

Adrian:            Oh, I think it was an honest one. I mean it’s something that at first he’s probably not a fan of Jess, but she’s an extremely charming, beautiful person and I think she won him over, definitely. How can Margot Robbie not win you over, you know what I’m saying?

How fun was it shooting in Argentina?

Adrian:            Argentina really is a magical place, particularly once you leave Buenos Aries and go to like Patagonia or Iguazu Falls, it is really a beautiful country and the people there were so appreciative of a big movie being in their city. I mean they really rolled out the red carpet for us and there was a kinetic energy and gratitude everywhere we went, whether it was in San Telmo or in different parts of the city. It was definitely a great place to film.

That sounds amazing. What was your favorite part of filming this movie?

Adrian:            That’s a tough question, but I would have to say just the fact that I was working with Will Smith and Margot Robbie is definitely the best part of the whole experience because they’re just consummate professionals and they were just really generous. Even though they’re huge stars, it felt like I was just acting with friends from a scene study class, to be honest.

Even just now I was doing an interview and they crashed it and started kissing my face, Margot and Will, like really, on camera, during an interview, they just crashed the room and started kissing my face. I had no idea that they would do that, but I’m not surprised.