In every way, it’s easy to see why Birdman was the Best Picture of 2014.

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With top notch acting, a brilliant percussion-filled score, mesmerizing cinematography, and a director to glue it all together, “Birdman” is the type of film that every aspiring filmmaker should hope to make. Focusing on Riggan Thomson (played by Michael Keaton), an ex-husband, a father, and a has-been superhero icon who has nothing relevant to his name but Birdman, he looks to recover everything that he’s lost in his life. He attempts to reconnect with his estranged daughter Sam (played by Emma Stone), who is looking to find her way in life. He jumps into the Broadway scene, starring and directing in a play that he hopes could make himself important. He’s looking to change things.


But that all goes awry when a better, more accomplished Broadway star joins the cast — Mike Shiner (played by Edward Norton). Shiner is everything that Thomson wishes to be but has never able to become. On stage, Shiner and Thomson are a match made in heaven but off the stage is a collision of egos and personalities that are far too big for Broadway, for even Hollywood, to contain. With all of this, Thomson is having the one battle that he cannot win, the battle with his one true nemesis: Birdman.

The Academy Award winning film is now available on DVD and Blu Ray.