After the release of his EP Winter, Milwaukee native, Klassik is back to warm up these cold days with a very smooth-sounding blend of Hip-Hop and Jazz. The opening track Go Far demonstrates this perfectly and despite the 3 song package, Spring still manages to include in a bunch of experimental and musical merits, as Klassik describes the EP as bringing forth a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

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Spring also provides its listeners with a catchy melody and a strong rhythmical element, making it an enjoyable and fun-loving project reminiscent of Andre 3000, another eccentric personality. One of the strengths of the EP thus far has been that it can undoubtedly keep an interest in the music to even with implementing multiple musical structures. Tracks seem to move very smoothly through a melodic line, refusing to make any way for verses and choruses; and indeed, it very much feels like a free musical style, unrestrained by the strict forms of hit songs one might hear on the radio. Overall, it would be incredibly wrong of me to assert that this EP was anything less than enjoyable. If there were three words to describe Spring, it would be: crisp, smooth, and structurally free.

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