This edition of Hood Health 101 deals with how to prevent, embrace, or avoid big mouth monsters aka gossip

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That moment when someone hits you on the jack talking about that chick or that dude like it’s a normal part of the day is the moment that you should run or check your own life. Often times, we hear or partake in gossip without thinking of its disastrous effects on others and ourselves. Words have power and we are either speaking life or death to a situation or a person. We all have had those moments when we gossiped about others but I challenge you to take a different approach to such things.  Here are some great tips to help crush the negative impulse to gossip



Get Engulfed In Your Own Business 


It is easy to pay close attention to what others are doing when you are less focused on your own business. When you invest more of your energy into your own life, dreams, goals, and aspirations, it leaves very little time for anything else. They key beloveds is to be so vested in your own success that you have very little to no time to notice what others are doing or not doing. When you find that you are about to gossip hold it or better yet start speaking about all of the positive things that you are doing within your life currently.


Two Sides to Every Coin


There are so many reasons why people act the way that they do. It is not important that we understand them but it is important to empathize with others. Everyone has a story and hurt people tend to hurt people until their pains are healed. The person gossiped about may have to extend a bit of mercy and the gossiper may need to dig deep to see the real source of that energy. This in no way means that you have to remain friends with individuals who gossip about you. Having mercy doesn’t mean being unwise and keeping yourself in bad situations. A person should always honor what serves their greater good.


All Eyes Are On You


Everything that you do or say represents your brand. This means beloveds, that you are your brand. Anything that sets you a part from others subjects you to gossip. This doesn’t have to always be viewed as a bad thin. After all, “those people” are your press team. They keep your name in their mouth and which keeps you in the mind of others. Now we understand that the very nature of gossip is negative in itself, however, when people meet you they have a chance to see what your really about. Don’t shy away from negative publicity; own every bit of it. I like to call it reversing the polarity. People will always talk, but your actions can always shut it down and in due time they simply shut their mouths.


Being the person that people gossip about doesn’t always have to be a bad thing even though it’s always the wrong thing to do. Not shrinking yourself at the word and hands of others will in due time reveal more about the other persons character than yours. Hold fast to your convictions and goals through any trial or tribulation and you will emerge victorious in due time. Don’t forget to drop by and show me love on Twitter @NakeashaJ and on Instagram @Melanated_Beauty

– Nakeasha Johnson (@NakeashaJ)