Derrick Rose goes down. Again

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In unfortunate news, the Chicago Bulls announced Tuesday  that Derrick Rose will face surgery for a torn medial meniscus in his right knee, making it the third major injury in the young guard’s career. The wave of news has hit the NBA like a ton of bricks and raised one question, is it over for the kid from the Windy City?

A timetable for Rose’s return has not been determined yet, but will be official once the 26-year old has surgery. Rose and the Bulls organization have decided to fix the meniscus tear instead of cutting the tissue completely out of his knee.  Derrick Rose was averaging averaging 18.4 points a game and 5.0 assists this season.


It’s really unclear as to how or when Rose may have injured himself, but this type of injury will undoubtedly raise questions in the front office. Rose went from being the 2008-2009 Rookie of The Year and 2010-11 NBA MVP to never playing a complete season since his MVP campaign which resulted in 192 missed games in 4 seasons.

Very unclear as to what fans can expect, but one thing is for sure, nobody deserves this type of news and hopefully Rose can fully recover and his future can continue to shine bright.

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